The next Playshop will be in February, 2023

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As a welcome and thank you for your trust, you’ll get our Pruning Guide,
called Slowing Down to Connect.

Corva's workshops, or "playshops," are inclusive and welcoming. She helps us draw our own connections between the gardens of the heart, the literal garden, and the world. As a teacher, she provides that rare mix of the spiritual/philosophical, and literal down to earth knowledge. I learned how to prune a flower bed. I learned how to let go of things in my heart, another kind of pruning. Wisdom emerges from the combined process, yet is playful and unforced. I suspect no two of us at this event had the same journey, yet all came away nourished, challenged, and refreshed.
~ Dvorah Simon
Thank you for a lovely class on Saturday. I thought the pace and content were just right. I am still meditating on what I learned, and will continue to do so for some time. ~ Christal
~ Christal
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