Covid Guidelines

The Nutshell:

Along with every institution, business, and family, Tree School must create guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid and other infectious diseases in our school. In an effort to accomplish this goal, we require the following of our students and teachers, and are committed to staying current as new data and guidelines emerge, and updating these daily and weekly as needed.

The Big Picture:

Scientists and healthcare experts have been talking for a while now about the connection between the worsening of the climate crisis and the impact on human health.  Of course, Indigenous peoples have known about the relationship between health and nature for thousands and thousands of generations, a fact that is recently being validated in different branches of western science.  Often, this acknowledgement can put tribes in an all-too-familiar position of exploitation and vulnerability, and yet at the same time there is an increase in policy being driven by tribal leaders and elders instead of federal institutions.  I believe that now is the time to listen to the voices of all wisdom holders, so that we can move with confidence and heart through this, together.

As a global family, we are now at this almost unimaginable place — grappling with new pieces of information about Covid each week and month, and wondering if and when we will ever not be living with the appearance of global disease.  As citizens who are striving to garden and create healing spaces in the midst of global crisis, we know deep in our hearts that this is likely not the only new heavy disease we will see in our lifetimes.  This is also likely not the only economic and political crisis, nor the only time of confusion, division, and mistrust.  

I started Tree School because I believe this can also be a time of great spiritual awakening, unity, and increasing love, if we want it!  I also believe that our imaginations are more powerful than we know, and because of this we have the power to create a beautiful world coming from our empathy, generosity, forgiveness, respect, and joy.  This doesn’t mean living with blinders on.  It means allowing our hearts to break open with the grief of what is appearing and unfolding around us, as well as with the hurt and injustice that have happened and are happening, and using our open hearts to create spaces of healing and habitat for all those with whom we share this space.       

So, In Summary:

In Tree School we are ready, 

with our masks on when necessary, 

hands dirty nearly always, 

and hearts wide open.