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A Truck for Trees:

Our fall fundraiser to purchase a truck,
or hybrid/electric vehicle, for Tree School!

During this fall season 2022, we are raising funds for a truck, or hybrid/electric vehicle, to enable us to further our mission — to plant and steward inner and outer climate-resilient habitat + the next generation of tree canopy here in Albuquerque.

Why this mission?  

How will a vehicle help?

We offer Playshops, Mentorship, and Private Sessions, and need transportation for all of these. In addition, we collaborate with local non-profits to install pocket habitats and plant trees, and this vehicle will help us move and groove.

How are we raising funds?

In October, we hosted a raffle and a Playshop, and we had a GoFundMe campaign. The thermometer below shows our complete total thus far including the raffle, Playshop, and GoFundMe.

Hallowed Group

Raffle Prizes

FAQs:   ~ When is the raffle?  The raffle will be held on Saturday, November 5th. We will stream it live on Instagram, and post the winners/prizes in our newsletter the next day. The last day to purchase tickets is Friday, November 4, midnight! Get your tix while the door is open!

  • Do I need to be present to win? No
  • How will I find out if I win? We’ll call the winners after the draw. If we don’t reach you, we’ll vm + email to let you know and arrange collection of your prize.

Purchase Raffle Tickets

The Raffle is now closed.

You can still support our Truck for Trees fundraiser on our Go Fund Me Page.