About Us

Tree School is a learning organization offering deep mentorship, habitat wisdom, and solid, high-level gardening skills to our beloved community members in Albuquerque and beyond.

We approach gardening through the lens of compassion and recognize the importance of tending three garden ecosystems simultaneously:

The integration and nurturing of these three gardens are the heartbeat of our Mentorship Program:

Our 6-month gardening mentorship that guides you through the process of transforming your space into a climate-ready food forest and pocket wildlife habitat.

Our Vision

Most of the time, when we get digging and pruning in our gardens, we start close in — with the paths, the plant choices, the decisions — where should the fruit trees go? It’s obvious, it’s ours, it’s close to us.

We get to know our own garden so well, because we live with these trees, this birdbath, the way the sunlight filters across the open space of our backyard in the fall.

At Tree School, when we start in a garden, we start big, far out even — with the bioregion, the watershed, the lineage of habitation, the animals and insects, the beings we can’t see.

And then we go even bigger. We name the elephant in the room: climate change, and the waves of crises arising from that. How do we garden, grow, tend, and harvest in a way that supports life on the planet?

We start with our eyes on the whole world, with everyone’s well-being in mind. Then we design and tend our individual garden as a microcosm of that.

corva rose

When we think not of ourselves first, but of who else will benefit from what we tend, even long after we are gone, we bring the radical act of compassion INTO our gardening.

And in the process, we tend the gardens in our hearts too.

And when we dig into our internal soil while also digging outside, we get to explore where we’re stuck and what’s going on in that inner garden. We start to remove the rocks that are blocking our inner development, and composting what is no longer beneficial. As we do this, our roots, and the roots of our trees, begin to grow FAR beyond the confines of our individual landscape.

THIS is our approach to gardening at Tree School.
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About Corva Rose

I am excited to bring all of me to benefit
the ecosystem in Albuquerque and beyond.

Our Core Values

Our Core Values