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I’m Corva Rose. I’m a gardener, teacher, official tree lover, and founder of Tree School. Welcome!

At Tree School, we teach people how to create fruitful, climate resilient, spiritually connective garden ecosystems to feed their families, and the earth.

And we have dance parties!

Leaning against a tree.
Hands in the soil.
Rooted in the earth.
This is where you are home.

What if…

…we gardened and pruned and tended in a way that healed, not harmed?

…we cultivated and mulched and harvested in a way that honored those who came before, and planted for those who are not yet born?

…the main purpose of our gardening was not what we could get out of it, but what we could create for the birds, the insects, complete strangers, and the children of the future.

…in our tending of this precious earth, we were thinking not of the now, but were preparing for the challenges that surely lie ahead?

Is this kind of gardening even possible?

Private Sessions

Tree School Mentorship

We believe in honoring those
who have come before us.

Tree School is committed to creating, promoting, and perpetuating a narrative and future in which nature and people can thrive and coexist, for we are entirely dependent upon each other. Our mission must encompass inclusion, collaboration and support of the ancestral and current stewards of our natural systems. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the ancestral homelands of the Indigenous peoples of the US Southwest that now comprise the 19 Pueblo communities, Fort Sill Apache, Jicarilla Apache, Mescalero Apache, Navajo Peoples in New Mexico and Ute Mountain Tribe in New Mexico. We pay our respect to these traditional stewards, past, present and emerging, who have been the custodians of these lands and waters since time immemorial.  May our work here with Tree School be healing and beneficial; may we do no harm; and when we do cause harm may we be guided to take responsibility, repair, and move forward in a better way.
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Want to Cultivate a Garden
for Inner and Outer Nourishment?

Want to Cultivate a Garden for Inner and Outer Nourishment?

Join our community of vibrant gardeners and inquisitive cultivators DIGGING in to create a resilient world garden in the here and now. As a welcome and thank you for your trust, you’ll get our Pruning Guide, called Slowing Down to Connect.