Grow a garden for inner and outer nourishment

Tree School Mentorship

A 8-month gardening mentorship to create a fruitful, climate resilient,
spiritually connective garden ecosystem to feed your family and the earth.

Led by Tree School Founder, Certified Arborist, and gifted teacher, Corva Rose, this program guides folks on their journey of growing a garden practice rooted in spirit, intuition, community, relationship and technical skills

“I’ve learned so much through this program and it’s helped me to think much more holistically about my garden and all the creatures who spend time here.”
~ Emily Cohen

The time is now to tend to your gardening journey.

The 8-month Tree School Mentorship cohort begins once a year, and is currently open for enrollment!
See below for details.

How Do You Achieve Results?

Through Following The Tree School Climate Adaptation Method:
The Tree School Climate Adaptation Method
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Moving from overwhelm about the world to engagement with the world

Moving from confusion to strategic planning & achieving your goals


Mixing your adaptive gardening methods with JOY

Cultivating community, belonging, and hope


Developing wildlife habitat from a place of compassion

In our mentorship we will explore topics such as:

Our approach

Here at Tree School, we invite you to move through the garden, and the world, with curiosity. We like to ask lots of questions.

For example, before we can get to answer questions like, “What creates a fruitful, climate resilient and spiritually connective garden ecosystem?”, we ask deeper, more foundational questions like:

Why do we garden? Where do our ideas of gardening come from? What is the history of the land? How does our lineage, race, class and identity inform our approach? And, how can I/we work with the earth, and all the elements, in a way that brings the least harm possible? 

We see the answers to those questions coming from the awareness and analysis of three gardens, actually: The Inner Garden, The Home Garden, and The World Garden.

The curriculum guides each student through a process of cultivating and growing each of these three gardens, three worlds essentially, that interrelate and affect each other.
“Tree School helped me create and nurture a better garden space – learning the value of native plant species, pruning and mulching, sustainable watering practices and an awareness of the interdependence of all species residing there. More importantly, however, has been Corva’s mission of having us grow our own inner garden as well as realize our garden’s place in the greater community.

I just received my ABQ Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certification from Friends of Valle de Oro. I am so proud and pleased, but I truly could not have done it without Corva’s invaluable expertise, support and encouragement. I have learned so much from my Tree School experience and it has enhanced not only my garden, but also my life.”
~ Sharon Hall

What’s included:


Enrollment is $2500 for 8 months, payable in full.
Or 8 monthly payments of $330.00.


Dates for the cohort

Click here to view the dates for the 8-month Mentorship.


The cozy space for this in-person cohort is limited to 8 people,
and we would be delighted to welcome you to the group!

Joining a program of this depth and duration is a time and energy commitment.
We understand that, and we want you to have success, comfort, and enjoyment here.

In order to cultivate good conditions for this to happen, we have a 2-step enrollment process:


Or, if you want to speak with Corva to make sure the program is right for you,
book a no-pressure Tree School discovery call to answer all your questions.

“Corva is an excellent, clear teacher. She concisely covers the big-picture aesthetic stuff, like how we want this shrub to look, how it fits in the landscape and with my aesthetic, as well as the small-picture technical aspects of where and how to make a cut and the effect it has on the plant's structure and health in the short and long term. Her effect on me is almost like a self-help workshop, encouraging me to slow down and be more deliberate about the choices I make when working with plants.”
~ Sarah
"Corva brings so much love and care to every tree planting, visit, check-up, and healing process. We love seeing her thorough and gentle approach with our trees and the land we all rely on for nourishment.
~ J&M