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Welcome to our Time Capsule, a sacred room in the Archives. Here we are honoring the 26 years of the legacy of Divine Earth, our founder’s beloved first business that she closed in 2020 to tend the soil of Tree School. Here we bow to the crews, the folks behind the scenes, the customers, and the beauty we all created together.

Please enjoy this trip down memory lane…and if you’d like to add an anecdote of your own, a picture of something related to Divine Earth if you have one, or your colored-in postcard, please visit the scrapbook page at the bottom. It would be a joy to see what words or images you add to this!

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First Divine Earth vehicle, circa 1996!

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~Corva Rose

We watched the beloved

apple tree

in the river valley

bear another juicy crop

of sweet round houses for

hundreds of viable seeds.

It’s almost always a surprise when a tree falls over,

Even when you can see it coming.

It’s jarring, the absence of some


that is now becoming soil.

An exhale

into the wind.

The sun slips down behind the top of the canyon

and we are left


in darkness,

the fallen seeds becoming trees

growing up out of the divine earth

under our bare