Summer Breeze:

A creative, hands-on, outdoor playshop
to learn climate adaptive methods
and how to mix them with JOY.

Corva will be teaching within the context of the Tree School Climate Adaptation Method
that is followed in her Tree School Mentorship.

Saturday, May 28
10 am – 1230 pm
My home garden in Albuquerque
(address to follow registration)

Looking for an inspirational way to engage with your garden in the heat of summer
and prepare yourself and your plants for the deepening of the climate crisis

Whew, that sounds exhausting!

You’re right, it will be…

…unless we conjoin our climate adaptive practices with JOY!


In the midst of all of THIS??

Yesss beloved.

Join gardener and certified arborist Corva Rose for this interactive playshop, where we’ll weave together gardening instruction, habitat creation, and heart-centered reflection.

As we move into summer, however centered or overwhelmed we may feel,

these 2.5 hours will be a grounding and empowering gift not only for ourselves,

but for the world we experience, affect, and ultimately create.

Tiered equity/community availability

5 3 spots remaining

In the spirit of resource redistribution, reparations, and community care, 5 spots for this free Playshop are being held for BIPOC; queer/trans folks; those with chronic conditions; and/or single parents.

Public availability

10 0 spots remaining


Upcoming Classes…stay tuned!

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Hallowed Group
Tree School Scholarship Fund
There is an opportunity at checkout to add a donation if you wish for the Tree School Scholarship Fund.
Corva's workshops, or "playshops," are inclusive and welcoming. She helps us draw our own connections between the gardens of the heart, the literal garden, and the world. As a teacher, she provides that rare mix of the spiritual/philosophical, and literal down to earth knowledge. I learned how to prune a flower bed. I learned how to let go of things in my heart, another kind of pruning. Wisdom emerges from the combined process, yet is playful and unforced. I suspect no two of us at this event had the same journey, yet all came away nourished, challenged, and refreshed.
~ Dvorah Simon
Thank you for a lovely class on Saturday. I thought the pace and content were just right. I am still meditating on what I learned, and will continue to do so for some time. ~ Christal
~ Christal
Curious about our past Playshops?

*Thanks to friend and colleague for guidance around structure/equity.

Tree School Scholarship Fund

Tree School centers and deeply welcomes those who have felt like and been outsiders, queers, allies, socially conscious earth healers, change makers, and survivors of genocide and trauma. Everyone deeply belongs. We cannot be separated from each other. And every voice is needed in this time of great healing.All people, especially folks who have been left out of or turned off by mainstream gardening spaces, should have access to the revitalizing nourishment of earth connection, without having to code switch or assimilate in order to learn, participate, and lead.We need us all!The Tree School Scholarship Fund helps extend equity, accessibility, generosity, and redistribution to low income folks, especially BIPOC, queer/trans folks, those with chronic conditions, and/or single parents.Thank you for your donation!